Public Security
Powerful flight systems with 100% data security for law enforcement agencies and emergency management organizations

Investigation, SAR and Crime Prevention with Drones

Packages and Individual Solutions

Unmanned systems from MULTIROTOR are deployed world-wide - including the Berlin Police. Their regional Bureau of Investigation currently uses two drones made by MULTIROTOR, especially developed for the documentation of crime scenes. Both UAS are successfully used for preventing and prosecuting crimes from the air, using advanced special equipment required by the investigators.

For example, the investigators of the LKA Berlin use their ‘UAS-Pol’ aircraft to precisely measure and document crime scenes from the air down to one millimeter. The captured image data can be processed with a photogrammetry software which converts them into three-dimensional models, facilitating the investigation work considerably.

MULTIROTOR provides the additional Police package incl. the software that is required for professional missions in a turnkey solution. To ensure maximum reliability, all components of each flight system are perfectly matched to one another.

  • Complementing or replacing costly helicopter operations
  • Reducing staff and equipment requirements

Unmanned systems from MULTIROTOR can easily and safely approach danger zones and accident sites. The live image stream sent from the drone to the ground station serves command posts to take important decisions well-informed and quickly, while high-resolution photos document the situation and provide valuable evidence for subsequent incident analysis. Preventive measures can thus be correctly assessed and planned in advance.

MULTIROTOR contributes to making the use of remote-controlled camera drones in SAR missions commonplace. The advantages are obvious: The deployment of unmanned technology saves human lives and delivers crucial knowledge and reconnaissance fast, enabling immediate assessment of a situation of acute danger.

  • Fast detection of missing persons from the air
  • Access to areas that are inaccessible to helicopters
  • Reduced staff and equipment requirements
  • High resolution live videos
  • Thermal images options available

Rough and confusing terrain can often be inspected much more efficiently and thoroughly from the air than through by the deployment of forces on the ground. For routine flights, patrols flights or other surveillance tasks, MULTIROTOR has developed flight systems that meet even the highest demands thanks to a large number of self-developed safety features. A special feature is the proprietary flight controller G4. Developed and manufactured 100% in-house, it ensures the correct positioning of the aircraft and tracks the position of system even in extreme flight maneuvers with unfailing accuracy.

The technology, which has been proven a hundred times over in practical use, allows you to create a programmed mission that can be interrupted manually at any time, for example if you need to respond to an alert or take a closer look at a suspicious detail.

The flight systems are equipped with a digital video link for the safe transmission of high-resolution images in real time. Corresponding cameras can be integrated almost every application: Video cameras with remote-Controlled Zoom, Cameras With Extremely High Resolution And Interchangeable Lenses or even thermal imaging cameras - also in combination with other RGB camera modules.

  • Flight planning software for patrol flights / ad-hoc missions included
  • Many camera options, such as e.g. thermal imaging cameras etc.
  • Object / Motion recognition optionally available

UAS for Public Security Organizations

100% Data Security – Made in Germany

Unmanned Flight system for the creation of geotagged images, high-ground-resolution orthophotos, digital elevation models, point clouds, volume calculations and 3D models.

Highly developed Octocopter flying system for applications with particularly stringent safety and higher payload requirements.


Public security solutions by MULTIROTOR in action