Surveying Robot
Complete packages for high-precision surveying, inspection and documentation

Unmanned Flight system for the creation of geotagged images, high-ground-resolution orthophotos, digital elevation models, point clouds, volume calculations and 3D models.

Set waypoints before or during the flight and depart autonomously

Complete including camera system and flight planning software

Wind-resistant for wind speeds up to 10 m / sec.

Ultra-compact, foldable carbon design

100% data security through stand-alone concept

Easy creation of 3D models and animations


Surveying with an accuracy of up to 25mm without the need of ground control points

MULTIROTOR’s EasyReference High Density Flight Recorder and High-Precision Real-Time Kinematic Receiver (RTK) provide up to 25mm camera position calculation - without the need to use ground control points*. Just click on the Automatic Antenna Offset Correction (AOC) in the MULTIROTOR GroundStation software, and that’s it!

*) High-precision correction data is required, for example from SAPOS.

This technology is included exclusively in the XL EasyReference package.

  • Shortened planning phase without control points
  • Reduced use of personnel and equipment
  • Trouble-free measurement during operation
  • Faster image capture and post-processing
  • Safe and high-precision surveying even in dangerous or inaccessible terrain
  • Precise camera position data with one click

Product features and specifications

Attitude control 512 times per secondYes
Automatic treble control 24-bit barometricYes
Autonomous flight max. 500 waypointsYes
Autostart / autolanding assistantYes
Cantilever beam fold systemYes
Camera suspensionBrushless Gimbal
Digital option port (for future applications)Yes
Digital RC transmitter pilotJeti dc-16
DimensionsØ 85 cm, H 49 cm
Drive redundancyYes
Emergency LandingYes
Flight Control MULTIROTOR G4 Dual 32 bitYes
Flight Control redundancyOptional
Flight data log128 Hz
GPS flight assistant (position Hold, Coming Home)Yes
Display7" LCD HD Live View Diversity
Pack size88x45x22 cm
Servo connectors6
Max. airspeed30 km/h
Max. Flight time (ideal)28 Min.
Max. Take-off weight (ideal)5000 g
Payload (incl. camera suspension and flight battery)2300 g
Wind stable till10 m/s
Integration of other camera systemsOptional
Special integration of the Sony Alpha 7RII CameraOptional
System integration Tetracam ADC-Micro Multispectral CameraOptional
Thermographic cameraOptional
Optional flight battery short circuit fuseOptional
Agisoft PhotoScan Professional Edition - Stand-Alone licenceOptional
Hardcase MULTIROTOR Surveying-Robot G4Optional
LiPo-flight battery heating caseOptional
Upgrade & Maintenance Contract MULTIROTOR Surveying-Robot G4Optional
Inspection (12 months, 25 flight lines, 350 starts)Optional
Device hull insurance EuropeOptional
1-day individual practical training incl. flying experience certificateOptional
2-days practical training surveying incl. flying experience certificateOptional

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