Innovative flight systems, software add-ons and hardware kits for high-precision aerial surveying

Multirotor develops complete solutions for high-precision measurement with drones. Use the experience and innovative power of the pioneer in the UAV industry to optimize your workflow or master new challenges.

  • 624 Systems in use worldwide
  • 20 Years of industry experience
  • 0.0 System-induced crashes

Surveying RobotOur drone / UAS for your reliable surveying workflow

  • Developed on our field-proven Robot Platform
  • Robust and safe to handle
  • Instantly ready to fly: Complete packages for high-precision surveying
  • Always ready to use: Surveying without constant interruptions due to updates or calibrations
  • Supports special adjustments at any point in the route planning process
  • Optionally up to 25 mm accurate surveying without ground control points

Multirotor PPK Precision Add-on for P4 RTKOur software for your PPK workflow with the Phantom 4 RTK

  • Get elevation data directly in DHHN2016 referencing. Alternatively WGS84 ellipsoid or manual input of a mean geoidundulation.
  • PPK calculation of camera positioning with a very high accuracy (up to 1 cm e.g. with SAPOS correction data)
  • Enables surveying with only a few GCPs
  • Eliminates the need for LTE, UMTS, GPRS or GSM coverage and permanent communication between drone and base station during the mission
  • Thus no danger of aborting the mission due to signal loss
  • Highest accuracy using free selection of satellites and satellite types as well as further parameter adjustments for position calculation in the PPK process
  • Prevention of typical RTK errors (e.g. cycle slips) through forward and backward calculation of the positioning
  • Elimination or shortening of the duration of the RTK fix loss

Multirotor Precision Add-on for M210 RTKOur post-correction kit turns your Matrice 210 RTK into a high-precision surveying drone

  • The connection to a real-time correction service improves the global flight accuracy and can replace the physical base station with a virtual one
  • The need to set up and calibrate a physical base station is thus eliminated
  • Enables surveying with only a few GCPs
  • The improved accuracy of geo-references and offset calculation allows a RMS accuracy of up to 2.5 cm with only a few GCPs

Multirotor High Precision Surveying Kit for Matrice 600 ProThe new benchmark in UAV surveying

  • Surveying with only a few GCPs (PPK workflow)
  • Enables the use of professional system cameras (e.g. Sony Alpha 7RII, RX1, etc.)
  • Enhanced mission flexibility through a high transmission distance of up to 5 km (FCC) / 3.5 km (CE)
  • The latest-generation, compass-free Septentrio GNSS receiver prevents calibration errors and offers maximum interference immunity for flight position and attitude determination (e.g. by magnetic fields)
  • Highest possible protection against malfunction due to 3-fold redundancy of all essential components

Workflow Surveying
The easy way to measure



You determine the terrain to be measured, the flight altitude and the overlap of the orthophotos on the computer in the office or on the laptop on site.



After you have matched the planned mission with the local conditions, the drone flies the route to take the aerial photographs.



After the flight you improve the accuracy of the image positions with the help of GNSS correction data and correct the image positions with regard to gimbal alignment.



From the image data you generate a 3D model for the subsequent derivation of a point cloud, a digital terrain model or orthomosaic. Use ground control points to secure the georeferencing.


Depending on the application, you can determine areas and distances from the orthomosaic, or three-dimensional distances, surfaces and volumes from the digital terrain model or point cloud.

Workflow with Matrice 210 RTK