Construction progress monitoring, Runway inspection, Perimeter surveillance and much more - Drones make airports safer more efficient

The age of the airport drones has begun

UAS make airports safer, more efficient and greener

Many operational processes at commercial airports can be made more efficient with drones. Without a doubt, safety and a seamless integration into current flight operations are the top priority in this context. The MULTIROTOR development team benefits from the company's many years of experience and their high level of vertical integration which enables special solutions for highly complex applications.

  • Tarmac / concrete inspection
  • Damage appraisal
  • FOD detection

  • Perimeter surveillance (patroled / ad-hoc)
  • Detection & determent of trespassers
  • Counter drone

  • Landside- / Airside-Assest inspection (e.g. Admin buildings, flight tower, roadside infrastructure etc.

  • Damage detection (e.g. Infrared-screening of fuselage for damages or after lightning strikes)

  • ALS
  • ILS
  • VASI
  • PAPI
  • VOR
  • DME
  • NDB

  • Wildlife hazard detection and mitigation (e.g. bird strikes)
  • Wildlife determent

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MULTIROTOR solutions for airports

Opening up new perspectives for airports with special drones

Take advantage of our vertical range of manufacture and experience in the development of specialized drones to optimize operational processes at commercial airports